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Gisenyi District Hospital is located in the Western Province, Rubavu District, Gisenyi Sector few meters from Kivu Lake. It is situated in a touristic town of Gisenyi bordering DRC. The hospital has twenty blocks and attends a population of over 489,398 persons speeded over 13 Health Centers in 12 sectors of the district and serves also some areas of Rutsiro, Nyabihu Districts and Goma town/Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Gisenyi District Hospital started working during the colonial era in 1930 as a health post in Gisenyi. It was engaged in promoting preventive and curative services at a primary level. With population growth, it was necessary to improve the infrastructure and services arrival of a Belgian surgeon called DEWILDE around the year 1950, Gisenyi health post became Gisenyi Hospital.

Since 1972, Gisenyi Hospital was under leadership of a nurse who was replaced by a physician in 1975.Under the leadership of a nurse, Gisenyi Hospital had seven services, radiology services started in 1976. By 1984, Gisenyi hospital expanded buildings. Those include:

  • Operating theater,

  • Surgical ward,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology ward.

During the tragic events of Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, Gisenyi Hospital stopped working until around August, 1994.