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1. Purpose

The role of the Disciplinary Committee is to oversee the staff complaints handling and disciplinary process in line with the current internal rules and regulation. 

2. Organization and composition


Each committee member must sign a confidentiality agreement at the time of each appointment indicating their agreement to maintain the confidentiality

In case the  issue being discussed in the committee concerns with its member, the member shall be exempted from attending  the committee until his /her issue is resolved


3. Committee members

The management team makes the decision regarding the committee composition based on the type of complaint/issue and professional status. At least five individuals are selected.

  • Director of Administration and Finance:1

  • Human Resource manager : 1

  • Medical doctor: 1

  • Senior nurse:  1

  • Immediate supervisor:1

  • Representative of staff :1


NB: The Director of Administration and Finance shall be the chairman of the committee and Human resources manager Secretary, and Timekeeper will be voted among committee members.



4. Responsibilities

  1. The Committee shall examine the written statement received from DISTRICT HOSPITAL administration.

  • The Committee shall undertake any further investigations which it considers  necessary

  • The Committee shall attend to any disciplinary case as soon as possible  

  • Disciplinary committee shall provide recommendations and advises to the District Hospital administration.


5. Meeting 

  • The Committee will meet as required an ordinary quarterly meeting is recommended.

  •  The committee may meet in panels of 2/3 of committee members

  • Document meeting minutes



6. Reporting

  • The committee must submit a report of its activities to the hospital Administration through Quality improvement committee, such reports will include advice and recommendations,

  • The minutes of all meetings of the Committee will be safely kept by Hospital Administration,

  • Minutes will not be circulated.

These terms of reference must be approved by the Hospital management committee and reviewed every two years.