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1. Purpose


To ensure improved safety, health and environmental standards within the hospital or hospital premises and to identify risks and reduce potential incidents for Patients, staff and visitors.


2. Organization and composition




Health and safety committee representatives at departments shall be appointed by their respective services at the Health facility.

The committee will conduct all Hospital services inspection monthly using a custom/Adapted made checklist.


 Committee Members:


  1. Pharmacist (Chair of the committee) :1

  2. Director of Administration and Finance :1

  3. Medical Doctor: 1

  4. Health and safety  focal person of each department :6

  • Internal medicine: 1

  • Surgery: 1

  • Paediatrics: 1

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology: 1

  • Laboratory:1

  • Imaging services:1

  1. Environmental Health Officer: 1

  2. Maintenance officer: 1

  3. Infection control focal person :1

  4. Quality improvement focal person 1

NB: The Pharmacist shall be the chairman of the committee and the Co-Chair, Secretary and Timekeeper will be voted among committee members

3. Responsibilities

  • To ensure compliance with health and safety policy, guidelines and standards in the Health facility

  • To promote, encourage and maintain an active interest of all hospital Staff on safety and health management and reporting

  • To Provide staff training on how and when to report illness and injury, and how to obtain treatment

  • To ensure that health and safety issues are discussed, evaluated and recommendations or suggestions made in the interest of Safety and health are implemented.

  • To ensure development of a tool/Checklist to perform an assessment of occupational hazards and other incidents

  • Ensure effective management of Spills and exposures of hazardous materials

  • To ensure development of a checklist to identify environmental risks and Perform comprehensive hospital survey of the entire hospital to identify risks using the checklist

  • Health and safety committee shall prioritize risks identified during the comprehensive hospital survey according to magnitude of the safety hazard and develop a facility improvement plan to reduce the risks identified.

  • To ensure that new staff members undergo health and safety induction and orientation training as part of the overall orientation and induction program.

  • To ensure effective Implementation of risk reduction plans and document progress in safety committee minutes

  • Health and safety committee need to conduct formal inspections on a monthly basis using a custom made checklist and completing a report on deviations found.

  • All reports need to be discussed at safety and Health Committee meetings and action items followed up for completion and effectiveness

  • To ensure an action plan has been developed to reduce risks

  • Safety and Health committee representatives need to participate in reporting, investigation of incidents and follow up on all complaints and recommendations.

  • To ensure staff training on the use of appropriate  PPE as recommended in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • To ensure the hospital has an effective fire safety program that is regularly tested and staff have been trained.


4. Meeting


  • The safety and Health committee shall meet every quarter to review health and safety activities and reports from Health and safety representatives.

  • Additional committee members can be co-opted to the committee if the committee needs to have specialized knowledge on health and safety issues but such members will not be permanent committee members.

  • Include Quality Improvement, Patient safety  and Risk management  reports as standing items on the committee agendas

  • The safety and health committee can hold an urgent meeting whenever called for by the Chair or Co-Chair

  • At least 60% of the members must be present to continue with the meeting procedure

  • Meeting Minutes will be circulated to all members, shall be approved in the next meeting and filled by the committee secretary.


5. Reporting