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 1. Purpose

A Maternal and child death audit is a multi-disciplinary committee appointed by the Hospital Managing Director, which mainly aims at improving quality of maternal and child care and health outcomes by: 

  1. Detecting death causes

  2. Identify possible improvements in the health delivery system that could be undertaken to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

  3. Help ensure the implementation of the planned items and follow up

  4. Develop and implement action plan designed to improve quality of service delivered to clients.

  5. Review all maternal deaths at health facilities in catchment area

  6. Ensure that the recommendations issuing from committee meetings are followed  to improve obstetric services

    2 . Members

    • Doctor in charge of Gynecology and obstetrics (Gynecologist ): 


    • Doctor in charge of Newborns and infants

    • Doctor in charge of Maternity unity

    • Nurse Head of Neonatology

    • Nurse Head of Maternity

    • Nurse Heads of Pediatric

    • Data Manager (secretary )

    • Director of Nursing

    • Laboratory technician

    • Social

    • Pharmacist

    3. Meetings of the MCDA

    • The MCDA will meet every month and can have extraordinary meetings when necessary.

    • The committee may invite to its meetings persons within or outside the hospital who can contribute from their specialized knowledge or experience.

    • Issues to be discussed will be determined jointly by the chairperson and the secretary.

    • Agenda will be prepared and submitted to members of the committee in sufficient time before the meeting at least three days before the meeting.

    • Minutes of the meeting will be signed by the chairman of the committee together with the secretary and be sent to the committee members for comments five days after the meeting and be sent to Quality improvement committee then the steering committee.

    • Minutes shall be maintained in the secretariat of the hospital

    • Recommendations of the MCDA will be presented to Hospital Health committee for adoption and implementation.

    • The quorum for any meeting is at least 50 percent of the membership of committee

    • MCDA members can appoint punctual technical subcommittees for a specific task in their routine activities.

    • Correspondence will be addressed to the secretariat of the committee.