Welcome to Gisenyi District Hospital
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MOH/CDC (International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment programs)


  • Consultation (Children),
  • Biological tests: CD4…,
  • Biological tests: CD4…,
  • Psycho-Social Assistant,
  • Medical Assistant,
  • Assumption of responsibility,
  • VCT Mobile,
  • HR support.
  • Supervision.


  • Administrator,
  • 3 Doctors,
  • 2 Nurses,
  • 1 Data Manager,
  • 1 Psychologist,
  • 2 Social Assistants.


  • Colombia University


“We request patients to follow advises from Doctors. To control well what they eat because People Living with HIV/AIDS are prevented to take some foods and drinks. Example: Is good to do not take alcohol. There are also other behaviors to change. Teenagers use to smoke and to take alcohol; when they are infected with HIV/AIDS we advise them to stop drinking alcohol and to smoking.We also advise them to pay attention about having sex. We tell them to do not infect others with HIV/AIDS by stopping to have sex or using condoms.