Welcome to Gisenyi District Hospital
  Emergency Services: 0789117532
  Opening Time 24/7

Core Values

 The mission of theGisenyiHospitalis supported byfour values:

 Quality:The constant search forqualityand efficiencywill guidethe activities of eachstaff;common ambitionof the institution'sstaffwillprovidequality servicefor bothmedical andadministrativelogisticsaccordance withnational standardsand guidelines for thehealth policy.

Compassion:The other valuewill berespect,listening andmaintain confidentialityto clients. Treat customerswith compassion and dignitywhile satisfyingthe conditions of confidentiality.

Team working: The team will bebound bythe staffinterrelations; it will have an awarenessof belongingto the group andwillpursue a common goaloriented towards aconvergence of effortsof the teamofGisenyiHospital.

Efficiency:  Theefficiency valuewill affectthe sound managementof all theresourcesofthe hospitalwiththe same responsibilitiesto achievegood performancefrom the productionofall the players inthe hospital.